All-in-one home management platform

Get a technical overview of whats going on in your home, reminders about maintenance and guarantee deadlines, and quick access to home information and different home service providers.

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What is DoBu?

Dobu is an all-in-one home management platform that contains the technical information of your home, we will send you reminders about maintenance deadlines, you can compare the prices of spare parts and different service providers, and easily search for the necessary measurements and details in one place.

Make home documents work for you

Upload the documents you received when buying your home to DoBu, like different user manuals, we use artificial intelligence to get all the different maintenance and guarantee dates from there and make them into remonders, so that you can maintain the quality and lifetime value of your house.

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Clear overview

All information related to your home can be quickly found in DoBu, such as different color or product codes, user manuals, measurements and plans, and more.

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Find the right service provider quickly

  • Just write a short description of what you want to do in your home, what times suit you, and DoBu will take care of the rest.
  • DoBu already knows your product codes - order a suitable spare part with a few clicks.

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