AI-powered home management platform

Get answers about your home from the DoBu chatbot. Submit warranty work understandably, with a clear overview of work progress. Reminders about your home’s maintenance deadlines.

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What is DoBu?

DoBu is an AI-based home management platform provided by the real estate developer to the homeowner. It answers technical questions about your home, replacing complex manuals and slow emails. Access all your home’s documentation with just a few words. Receive reminders and instructions specific to your home’s maintenance, and submit warranty cases understandably through our platform, with an overview of their progress.

Find home info in a few words

Quickly get answers to questions related to your home. DoBu responds specifically based on information about your home and extracts necessary details from home documents.

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Maintain your home

DoBu automatically reminds you of maintenance set by the builder to keep the warranty valid and maintain your home’s value. Get personalized instructions for each maintenance task on how to perform them and where to buy spare parts.

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Overview of warranty work

Receive specific and case-based information from the chatbot about the validity of your warranty. View the timeline and status of submitted cases. Don’t worry over describing the problem; DoBu will ask clarifying questions.

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Get peace of mind

Get a clear overview of your home. Properly maintain your home to keep its warranty valid, preserve its value, and extend its life.